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"Art's essence: evoking emotion, conversing with history, and dialoguing with time."

I am Vivi, a graduate fashion designer who received my education in the pulsating heart of Zurich, at the STF Schweizerische Textilfachschule. My passion for fashion and design was awakened already at the age of five, when I began to be drawn to the art of history, costume design, and fashion. As a designer who explores digital creation with great passion, I use my tools - from brushes to screens - as means to blend historical art and traditional design with modern digital trends.

Embracing my role as a Digital Artisan, who values the richness of diversity in all spheres of creativity, allows me to avoid limitations in any area. My inspiration is a synthesis of the past, present, and future, exploring the relationship between emotion, tradition and innovation, technology, and between the individual and the collective. This dynamic network leads me to designs that resonate with the profound connection between humans and the subtle beauty of nature, culture, and technology, highlighting the critical importance of sustainability, groundbreaking innovations, and the vibrant exchange of cultures.

Sharing this deep passion with you is the essence of my design expression. I invite you to join this creative odyssey, to explore together the wealth hidden in the depths of our collective existence and imagination. Through my design, we can unite to expand the horizons of our perception, discovering the enchanting magic that art, fashion, and design bestow upon us in unveiling new worlds, whether they are already known or eagerly waiting to be discovered.


World in a Pixel,

Art in Code.

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For me, every project is more than just a job—it's a journey of passion and creative collaboration. I enjoy working with people who are as passionate about their visions as I am.

If you feel that we share the same values and you have an idea that we could bring to life together, feel free to reach out. Write to me directly at my email. Share your ideas, dreams, and whatever drives you. Expect my response, ready to co-create something truly special together.

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